JP-IMG_5699-960We’ve known JP now for about eight years. During this time period, we remodeled the entire interior of our home. JP was involved in some aspect from the very first project. That is how we got to know him. We welcomed him into our home and he became a part of our family. You have to be able to trust someone and feel comfortable having someone in your home regardless of time of day. If you want a project done while you’re living in it, trust comes before any cost. Quality of work is second and cost is third.

If there is more to be done, and there always is when you are a homeowner, our first thought and call is to JP.

Not only does JP do major construction and remodeling, JP is always willing to help out regardless the size of task. He is very patient, provides good suggestions, and is flexible while on the job itself.

JP has grown through the years, personally and professionally. Where he once had to answer to someone and learned from the experience, he now runs his own business and deserves it very much. L.H.I. Construction, Inc. is a company we trust. Behind the company, is someone you will want to have work on your home, be it new construction, a renovation, tile work, painting, building walls…. you name it. JP can do it and has a great team to do it with him.

April 2013

Annie K.


JP-IMG_082-960For over 3 years now, I have been working with LHI Construction and its president JP Leyda. LHI has done everything for me from painting and staining decks, new roofs, new windows, and custom cedar work for the front of the house to remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.

In all the work there are three things that stand out for me when LHI does this work.

First is quality. The quality of the work is excellent! From the painting to the remodeling, we could not have been more pleased with the work that was done. As an example, when LHI replaced the windows, it was determined that new window sills were needed. LHI created custom window sills for all the windows that were of a much higher quality than the originals and looked even better.

Quality in their work is also evident in the planning and the recommendations they make. When we have started on some of the projects, JP and his team have been there to provide recommendations and a level of expertise from their experience providing us with a direction and choices which have resulted in work that exceeded our expectations.

Second is professionalism. Being in my house LHI and its team always represented their company well. They also took a lot of pride in their work which was evident in the prep work they did as in when they painted to insure nothing other than what was intended got painted. They never left a job dirty. The cleanup from new roofs to the remodeling efforts, there was always a vacuum running or someone with a broom in their hands to make sure everything at the end of the day and end of the job was left as clean as was when the job started.

Third is reliability. LHI was always on time for the job. The work was done per the schedule and always was completed on time. I could always count on them starting when they said they would and completing by the time they had promised. Even when there were unexpected issues, the effort to meet schedules was always there.

Overall I have been more than pleased over the years with the work done by JP and LHI construction and I plan on continuing to use them in further endeavors. I have had nothing but great success with LHI and I offer my highest recommendations for them.

March 2013

Dennis B.


JP-IMG_closetJust had to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I have been with all the projects that your company has done for me. As you know I had my house built and over that period of time I had to work with a contractor and his subs with alot of ups and downs. Your professionalism and concern over what I wanted has far exceeded my expectations. Your estimates, time frame, quality of work have been spot on and I always knew that I could depend on you and your work. The future holds more projects to be done and there is no one but you who will do them.

March 2013

Thank you, Pat B.


JP-IMG_090I would like to thank the staff at L.H.I. Construction for everything they did to make my house beautiful in Madison, OH. At the start of the proposal for a complete house renovation it was like you were reading my mind. Everything that you said you were going to do got done and the craftsmanship of your work is tremendous. When I asked if we could have it done by a certain date you told me yes and it happened. All obstacles I created you came up with some way to overcome it to make the house beautiful without adding extra zeros. All employees were polite and professional. When it came down to pricing, you were fair and honest. When it came to quality you’ve mastered it. Keep up the great work and next project I will be using L.H.I. Construction.

March 2013

Thank you, Chuck G.



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